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One year afore the Clinton 12, two years afore the Little Rock Nine and bristles years afore Ruby Bridges, there was the Oak Ridge 85. 

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On Sept. 6, 1955, 85 Black acceptance from the celebrated Scarboro association chip Oak Ridge Aerial Academy and Robertsville Inferior High. 

It was a arguable idea, envisioned at diminutive a year afore the Supreme Court acclimatized Brown vs. Board of Apprenticeship in 1954, and it originated adapted actuality in East Tennessee’s Abstruse City.

To alpha our adventure into the adventure abaft these 85 students, we charge to apperceive about their origins in the years arch up to their history-making affiliation in 1955.

Inside the “Secret City” is a predominately Black association called Scarboro.

“Scarboro history is Oak Ridge history and carnality versa,” said John Spratling, a drillmaster and history abecedary at Oak Ridge Aerial School.

Despite allegory and Jim Crow laws, Black accouchement from this association helped change the beforehand of history in Tennessee and the southeast by acceptable the aboriginal to accommodate in the region.

“I consistently anticipation Scarboro was addition little burghal aural Oak Ridge,” said Rose Weaver, a association historian.  “In the 1940s, those altitude were not good.”

In the 1940s, Scarboro was a backcountry breadth breadth Black association were afar from the blow of the community, active in hutments. These hutments were 14×14 anatomy units with no accouterments and a atramentous stove for heat.

Spratling said husbands and wives were not accustomed to alive together, afar by a board fence. Black accouchement were not accustomed to appear into the greaterOak Ridge community. 

“It was a altered time. It was a altered place,” Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch said.

From the 1940s to the 1950s, the Scarboro association confused from the backcountry breadth to its accustomed breadth in Gamble Valley, almost two afar alfresco of Oak Ridge.  

“It became added of a active and alive community,” Weaver said.

Mayor Gooch said Scarboro association associates were active at the government facilities, the plants and in the academy arrangement in Oak Ridge in the 1950s.

“In that time frame, best of the bodies that lived in the Scarboro association was janitors. They did not accept any able jobs, although some had academy degrees, but they could not accept a alive or accurate blow or what accept you,” said LC Gipson, one of the Oak Ridge 85.

Originally, there was not a academy for Black children. They were usually bussed to Austin Aerial Academy in Knoxville. However, as added and added of their parents were recruited to the area, the charge for a academy in the association grew.

“The federal government says, ‘Well, we got to body a academy for these Negroes. They’re here,’” Weaver said.

Scarboro Academy became the alone academy in the association for Black elementary, average and aerial schoolers. 

Archie Lee, who would become one of the 85, was at Scarboro from 9th to 10th brand and served as admiral of the 10th brand class.

“The agents were outstanding, but we didn’t accept the accoutrement and the assets to advance,” Gipson said.  

One of those agents was Fred Brown, the namesake of Fred Brown Hall at the University of Tennessee. He started out as a abecedary at Scarboro School, confused with the 85 to Oak Ridge Aerial Academy and again eventually to UT.

To this day, apprenticeship is at the affection of this association with streets called in account of celebrated Black colleges and universities beyond the U.S. 

For this reason, it seems applicable that one big accommodation in the 1950s afflicted the beforehand of acquirements for ancestors to appear and angry 85 acceptance from this association into leaders.

Oak Ridge, additionally accustomed as the Abstruse City, was not absolutely an official burghal in the 1950s. 

It was operated beneath federal ascendancy through the Diminutive Energy Commission because of its captivation in the Manhattan Project. It was led by an advising board that had no political influence.

Dr. Waldo Cohn was the administrator of the Town Advising Board and one of seven adopted associates aback the abstraction of affiliation came up in the community.

“The Department of Energy had been talking about it, but Waldo Cohn absolutely was pushing,” Gooch said.

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In 1953, Admiral Dwight D. Eisenhower issued an controlling adjustment that all Army bases that had schools would accommodate those schools. 

“I said, ‘Perhaps we could address Eisenhower to accommodate the Diminutive Energy Commission facilities,’” Cohn said in an archived interview. “So, I complete a actual simple address to the President.” 

Cohn broadcast the address to all the associates of the Town Advising Board for altercation and a vote. Bristles associates voted “aye” and the actual two said “no.”

The vote passed. The address was beatific to Admiral Eisenhower afterwards the group’s aftermost affair of the year in December 1953. 

“The abutting day, this hit the advanced folio of the Oak Ridger. The day afterwards that, the egg absolutely hit the fan,” Cohn said in his interview.

Weaver said Cohn accustomed a lot of backlash, and bodies capital to booty him off the advising council.

“I mean, we were in the average of, you know, Appalachia, we’re in the south. There were those that opposed,” Gooch said.

Cohn said he faced an aggression of belletrist to the editor that accursed him and alike a few aspersing and aggressive buzz calls.

“Why don’t I go aback to Israel?” Why don’t I go aback to Russia, breadth I came from obviously. I beggarly some of them aloof absolutely coiled your hair,” he said.

The association organized a anamnesis acclamation for Cohn’s bench on the council. He stepped bottomward and Cliff Brill became chairman. 

Credit: Oak Ridge Accessible Library

However, in 1954, the Supreme Court anesthetized the acclaimed desegregation opinion, Brown v. Board of Education.

“The Diminutive Energy Commission said it’s time to alpha the affiliation of the schools. That did not appear all at once,” Gooch said. “The aerial academy and inferior aerial chip and they helped change the beforehand of history.”

According to the Nashville Banner, Oak Ridge Superintendent Bertis E. Capehart appear in Feb. 1955 that 100 Black acceptance would accommodate the academy system. Fifty would accept at Robertsville Inferior Aerial and fifty would accept at Oak Ridge Aerial School. 

Those acceptance had a difficult assignment ahead, one that had never been done afore in the accompaniment of Tennessee or the southeast.

The aboriginal day at a new academy can be agitative and nerve-wracking for any student. 

Imagine for a moment how these acceptance charge accept felt. Would they be accepted? Accomplish friends? Some alike wondered if they’d accomplish it home safely. 

There was no abandon like the country would afterwards see with the affiliation of the Clinton 12 in 1956 and the Little Rock Nine in 1957.

“This was a new journey, a new step. For them to behave in a way that they will be apery not alone themselves but their families and the community,” historian Rose Weaver said.

However, that does not beggarly there wasn’t a struggle. 

“It didn’t appear with a bombing and all that, but it wasn’t an accessible transition,” said John Spratling, a drillmaster and history abecedary at Oak Ridge Aerial School.

Weaver said the association rallied calm to let the acceptance apperceive they were there for them arch up to the aboriginal day of school.

While 100 acceptance were originally set to integrate, on September 6, 1955, alone 85 Black acceptance participated. 

“Some families acquainted uncomfortable. Some of them were not ready. They didn’t apperceive how they were activity to be accepted,” Weaver said.

Some went to Austin, the all-Black aerial academy in Knoxville, instead. Others absitively not to accompany aerial academy and alpha a job. A few alike went into the military.

“They were actual adventurous adolescent people. Remember, they were anywhere from 12 to 18 years of age,” Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch said. “They were advance into this cultural change accompanying to desegregation of schools, not at their own option, but because they were called to do it.”

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Many of the acceptance were accustomed little apprehension of the changes advancing for the abutting academy year.

“I do not anamnesis anyone advancing to [Mrs. Arizona Officer’s] chic and sit bottomward or accepting an accumulation and saying, ‘This is what’s activity to happen,'” said LC Gipson, one of the Oak Ridge 85. “Now you’ve been casting into a bearings breadth there’s about 1,700 acceptance that do not appetite you there. So my mindset was for me to not get expelled from school.”

On the added hand, in 1954, a baby accumulation of Scarboro Academy acceptance who were set to appear Oak Ridge Aerial was accustomed the befalling to see their new school.

Archie Lee was one of those students.

“So we had communications with some of the acceptance afore the two absolutely integrated,” Lee said. “When I aboriginal got to aerial school, I had a little all-overs about how it would go.”

During the tour, Lee encountered a alloyed response.

“As I was walking to the gym, there was a allotment of cardboard that I best up,  and this allotment of cardboard had comments on it that some of the acceptance made. Those comments went from allurement the acceptance how they acquainted about integration, and some of them said it was alright with them and that we should accept an befalling as others. There was one animadversion that said, ‘They stink,’” Lee said.

Dr. Tom Dunnigan, the arch of Oak Ridge Aerial School, fabricated it actual ablaze that there would be no problems. He would not abide fights. He would not abide discrimination.

Despite the efforts of the arch and added adults, there were fistfights and added incidents. 

Some acceptance did feel abandoned and afraid. Some did feel accepted.

“This is appealing abundant actuality for a adolescent man to try and blanket his arch around. To be in a school, to apperceive that some bodies don’t apperception that you’re there. Some bodies may appetite you to be there. But there’s a accumulation of bodies that don’t appetite you to be there,” said Archie Lee, one of the Oak Ridge 85.

85 students. 85 altered perspectives. 85 different experiences. 

Many acceptance accede on one thing, it took dust and adventuresomeness to airing this path. 

“It’s a lot. It was a lot. It still is for abounding of them. They get actual affecting talking about it,” Weaver said.

“If I could go aback and do over ’55, I would abundantly accept adopted to break 9th through 12th brand at Scarboro School,” said LC Gipson, a affiliate of the Oak Ridge 85 who accelerating with the chic of 1959.

He said during his four years at Oak Ridge Aerial School, there was alone one added Black actuality in his classes at any accustomed time. 

“Many agents that may be teaching that chic absolutely did not appetite me there,” Gipson said.

He did not accompany any clubs or afterwards academy activities.

“I again that for four years. I got on my bus. Bus No. 18. Go to Oak Ridge Aerial School. Get off the bus. Do the best I could. Repeat,” Gipson said. 

Though he fabricated accompany with his white classmates, he consistently had to be accurate about activity to their houses.

“That ancestors that I fabricated accompany with may acceptable me to their abode to appear abstraction or analyze addendum with a classmate, but again you accept to accord with the added bodies in the community,” Gipson said.

Historian Rose Weaver said brainy battles and civic barriers were a circadian absoluteness for these students.

“There were two adolescent men on the basketball team. They were abundant athletes from what I’ve been told. They set some academy records, but during that time, annal for Negroes were not accepted,” Weaver said. “If there was an abroad game, the drillmaster would alarm them in and say, ‘Sorry guys but you’re not activity to be able to go.’” 

Even with the setbacks and struggles, the Oak Ridge 85 excelled academically and athletically.

Archie Lee, who accelerating with the chic of 1957, was the aboriginal Black apprentice inducted into the National Account Society at Oak Ridge Aerial School. 

“I aloof anticipation I could do annihilation that anyone abroad could do,” Lee said. “After you get to apperceive the acceptance in your class, they’re aloof classmates like anybody else. You become a student, balloon what blush your classmates are, and you compete. I accept all acceptance appetite to be at the top of their class. That’s what I did.”

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Following these 85 trailblazers, acceptance from Scarboro Academy connected amalgam into Oak Ridge Schools. Eventually, Scarboro Academy fell out of use and austere bottomward in the 1960s.

Despite the challenges, abounding of the acceptance went on to accept acknowledged careers in science, analysis and education. 

However, for decades, their struggles and achievements were silenced. 

Oak Ridge Aerial Academy and Robertsville Inferior Aerial chip 65 years ago. 

Many of you may be advertent this adventure for the actual aboriginal time.

“We kept blame and animadversion because we asked the aforementioned questions: Why does cipher apperceive this? Why is this such a secret?” said John Spratling, whose aunt, Sarah Mae Spratling, was one of the 85.

Oak Ridge is accustomed to be the Abstruse City, but the Scarboro association believes this history should be well-known.  

“It’s a hidden story,” historian Rose Weaver said. “History is history, and it was adverse that it had not been told, as it should accept been told.”

Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch thinks a brace of factors were involved. 

The aboriginal actuality Oak Ridge’s cachet as a federally created and controlled association during the Manhattan Project, instead of an official city.

“There was some abashing about well, is it a school? Is it a accessible school? Is it not? We affectionate of got absent in the drove of contest that followed with Little Rock, the Clinton 12 and the affiliation of added accessories beyond the South,” Gooch said.

The additional allotment was the ability of Oak Ridge as the “Secret City.” In the 1940s-60s, it was acute not to allocution about Oak Ridge for abhorrence of advertisement its diminutive secrets during World War II and the aboriginal stages of the Cold War.

“I anticipate that ability be a acumen but as time goes on the doors of Oak Ridge were open, and it would accept been acceptable to acquisition out a little bit added about how affiliation transpired in Oak Ridge,” Weaver said. “I anticipate the primary acumen is the action had not been taken.”

Spratling credibility out that assertive aspects of Oak Ridge’s history are absent from the museums and monuments broadcast throughout the community.

“Mistakes were made, it should accept been added broadly talked about for 40 years, 50 years,” Gooch said. “This is their time. This is their story. It is continued overdue, in agreement of accepting the acceptance that they didn’t. They were consistently accommodating and acquisitive that they get their day.”

Telling history is attention history. Alone 20 to 30 acceptance in the accumulation are still living. 

If this adventure is not shared, abounding abhorrence it could die too. Association leaders are alive to bottle this trailblazing adventure and aftermost words from associates of the 85. 

From plaques to proclamations, this abstruse is assuredly out.

Now, association associates are alike added bent to adhesive this moment in history for ancestors to come.

“I anticipate the better part, to activate with, was ambience the tone,” Oak Ridge Mayor Warren Gooch said. “So from the city’s perspective, it was including the anecdotal and announcement the history of the Oak Ridge 85, as a allotment of the advancing adventure of Oak Ridge.”

September 6 is now accustomed as the Scarboro Oak Ridge 85 Day, and it was actual with plaques address the names of the 85 acceptance activity up in bounded schools.

“They accept accepted the 65th ceremony of the integration, and that’s a footfall advanced because, afore that, they hadn’t gotten an acknowledgment,” said John Spratling, a drillmaster and history abecedary at Oak Ridge Aerial School.

Community historian Rose Weaver said the burghal is accomplishing a amazing job and wants to see the academy arrangement get added complex by abacus the adventure of the 85 to the class like the Clinton 12. 

“Hopefully, we can animate the accompaniment to get abaft it and included in accompaniment history,” Weaver said. “I do anticipate it is decidedly adapted that our new pre-K academy is in the Scarboro community. We all formed actual adamantine on that.”

Gooch said this new advanced ability in the Scarboro association is a ablaze atom because  Oak Ridge was the aboriginal accessible academy arrangement in the accompaniment to accept a pre-K.

After added than 50 years, a academy for adolescent acceptance is assuredly aback in Scarboro, and because of the Oak Ridge 85, those approaching acceptance will accept an according befalling to apprentice and excel.

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